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Experience something you didn’t expect while sequencer partying? Please post it here!

A link to your session would be most helpful, and a lengthy description of the bug. Or a link to a video. Thanks!

What an interesting project!

I found out WAM through and from watching the Web Audio Conference 2021 presentation at Presentation And Tutorial On WebAudio Modules 2.0, A Standard For Interoperable WebAudio Plug-Ins - YouTube

In, I noticed that Account > Project > Details Description > Save interaction doesn’t seem to save the Description properly.

Specifically on this project:

Also, is looking for extra developers or does it have any “help wanted” issues?

I am still more familiar with classic WebAudio API and Web MIDI, but maybe I could contribute at the edges until I gain more experience.


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Hi @chrisbratlien, and welcome! Thank you for the bug report, I will fix it tonight. Just to set expectations, as you can see you are the first person to post here and one of the first people to sign up for the app. There’s still a million things missing, and a million things broken. Please report broken things as you find them or let me know if things aren’t working as you would expect.

Hopefully in a few years I will have the traction to hire a team, but for now it’s just a solo endeavour in my spare time. There are definitely other ways you can contribute to the ecosystem, like reporting bugs as you’ve already done.

As well, I’ve open sourced all of the WAMs that I’ve built for the app here: - if you’re interested in building your own WAMs that’s a good starting point. Hopefully we can build an entire ecosystem of audio plugins for the web :slight_smile:


Hi, very nice project and ideas. seems like I can’t get audio output, it’s says in top left corner: no audio output selected, but when I click on the link, nothing happen?

Thanks for your time and patience.

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Hey @stanleypean!

The good news is it’s not broken, the UI is just hard to use :slight_smile:

To assign an audio out for the track you have to click the audio port and select “Assign to track output”.

After you’ve done that, the plugin name will show up in the top left like you saw before.

The whole process of wiring up plugins and selecting track outputs is not at all intuitive yet, this is a priority to get better in the new year.

Let me know if that works for you!


My account was not created yet. It seems that confirm e-mail got lost on the way.

Confirm e-mail for this formum worked but somehow slow (cca 30 minutes after singup).

hey @severak

That’s frustrating. I assume you checked your spam folder? If you log in you can press the ‘resend confirmation email’ button and that should send another email off.

I’m able to receive the emails ok with my mail host (fastmail), but I know email can be flaky where some services block emails more strictly than others.

When you have time, message me directly on discord and we can check the details there.